About Me

I've lived in several major cities across the United States — grew up in North Dakota, went to

undergraduate school in Fargo (NDSU), then left for graduate school in southern Illinois,

followed by more graduate school in Boca Raton, Florida. I lived in the Miami area,

the Milwaukee area, Dallas, and San Francisco, where I was for 21-plus years

until I moved to New York. I'd wanted to live in NYC my whole life,

and as much as I love SF,  I knew it was time to make the move, which I did in 2009.

In college, I studied languages and literature, and in graduate school, I studied linguistics.

I specialized in phonetics, by the way, and I'm great at learning accents ... fast.


I try not to sweat the small stuff, and I try to live by these words of Dame Judith Dench:  
"I think you should take your job seriously, but not yourself."

My skills and credits are below. If you'd like to contact me regarding auditioning,
I'd love to hear from you. Just go to my Contact page and send me an email.



  • Assisted Living Doris (dead wife; co-lead; cast of 2) / Summerfest NYC

  • Catapult! / Gloria (major domo) / Theater for the New City

  • So Fast It Goes / Older woman (co-lead; cast of two) / Summerfest NYC

  • Night of the Neutron Dance / Sky (lead; resistance leader) / Summerfest NYC

  • Blood Boundary / Aunt Jane (Cherokee matriarch) / Miller Coffman Prods. 

               Winner,Native American New Play Festival

  • Echoes of Ebola / JoyCartwright (lead) / Peter Jay Sharp Theatre

  • The Hot L Baltimore / Mrs. Oxenham / Gloria Maddox Theatre

  • Being Flynn (a tableau vivante) / Glamorous lady / Spring St. Social Society

  • On the Rocks / Mother (strong matriarch) / Strawberry Theatre Festival

  • Champagne Lady / Esther (glamorous aunt) / Midtown International Theatre Festival

  • Company / Joanne (also played piano, percussion) / Royal Underground Theater Co.

  • Wedding Singer: The Musical / Rosie (hip grandmother) / Porch LightTheater Prods.

  • How I Learned to Drive / Grandma,Teenager / Tongue in Cheek Prods.

  • Songs for a New World / Multiple roles / American Conservatory Theatre

  • Lost & Found in the Mission / Scientist (principal & narrator) / Boathouse Prods. 

                Winner, Best of the Fringe

  • Our Town / Professor Willard / Tongue in Cheek Prods.

  • Scenes of a Sexual Nature / Iris (widow finds a long-lost love) / Water People Theater Co.

  • Hemingway at the Larchmont / Famous Dead Writer / Players Theatre Short Play Festival


  • Gravidity (horror) / Self-involved mother of victim / Marble Castle Entertainment

  • Proxy / Suicidal woman / Traversing Films

  • Wall Street Barbie / Greta (principal/older woman sheds naïveté) / Thomas & Co.

  • Vicious / Carol (principal/murdering wife) / Amy Schilling Prods.

  • My Father the Monster / Mother (principal/wife of pedophile) / Traversing Films

  • A Good Deed / Homeless person (co-star) / Vong Lee Films

  • American Spanish / Cougar (principal) / Vong Lee Films



  • Discovery ID: Shattered,Ep. 306 / In-denial wife of rapist/murderer (principal) / Red Marble Media

  • The Greek Honey Show pilot / Sophia (Greek matriarch) / Perivolaris Productions

COMMERCIAL WORK: Extensive list available upon request.


Multiple dialects/accents(British RP, southern, “Fargo,” Spanish, Greek) • Fluent Spanish • Teleprompter • Singing(contralto–mezzo) • Horseback Riding (Western) • Herding Cattle • Swimming • Pilates • Bicycling • Ice Skating • Roller Skating


  • Film, improv / Alan Arkin / Multiple weekend workshops

  • Dialects, film, commercial / Faculty / T . Schreiber Studio

  • Stage, film, improv / Faculty / American Conservatory Theatre

  • Master voice & musical theater / FACULTY / Singers Forum, American Conservatory Theatre 


  • B.A.: Languages and Literature        •  M.A.: Linguistics, Specialization in Phonetics

2010 - present
2010 - present